About Us

So I hear you ask, what makes Sweetness Catering a specialist in Contract Catering, Corporate Hospitality and Private Events? Well, above all things, it is the personal touch we provide. And here is why this is so important to us.

From a life-long love affair with the art of food, Chris Ajayi founded Sweetness Catering in 2007 as a family owned business. He had one simple vision. He wanted to provide menus designed to give businesses more choice and to provide hot meals full of taste with mouth-watering flavours.

Since its conception, several Blue chip companies and various social functions have grown accustomed to this experience and expect nothing less. So our aim is to continue to meet this demand consistently.

Chris Ajayi’s exposure to the catering and events industry spans over 20 years. After graduating with professional cookery qualifications Chris started off as a kitchen porter (humble beginnings), and from experience working within various companies and hotels, he rose through the ranks to Head Chef where he further expanded on his culinary and hospitality skills.

In his position as an events caterer, responsible for winning back catering contracts, he recognised that the most complaints revolved around poor taste, lack of choice and personal touch including generally poor hospitality. Business needed more, therefore Sweetness Catering was birthed!

What does Sweetness Catering believe about food?

If you anything like us then you know when it comes to food, there really, really isn’t any room for getting things wrong; especially after a 3-hour conference or the much anticipated breakfast spread you expect to see after a mad dash through the manic traffic for a full day’s conference or simply a long day at work.

We believe an Outstanding Contract Caterer needs to have five core elements:

At Sweetness Catering, you get these 5 core elements and much more! And if you haven’t guessed by now we are seriously passionate about food, not just any food BUT quality, well-seasoned and mouth-watering food.

To this end our menu (all) is prepared fresh to order by our overly enthusiasts in our commercial kitchen. They consistently provide outstanding quality food completely tailored to your organisation or event.

What else has Sweetness Catering got to offer?

We’re going to brag a little…

  • We have over 20 years’ experience of providing the highest quality food for office catering, business lunches, social events and various functions.
  • Chris Ajayi is available to deal with any queries (big or small) and all emails are responded to swiftly.
  • We provide breakfast, working lunches, and evening meals – all of which can be provided as either hot or cold with buffet, finger food and/or main meal choices.
  • We are not a sandwich shop doing delivery on the side! Expect your taste buds to be awakened!
  • You can be very confident in who is delivering to and entering your business premises.

Do you need a special request, pre-order your meal or would like to have more information on how you can work with Sweetness Catering? Then please click the button below.