Contract Catering

Sweetness Catering provides an independent, flexible and confidential contract catering solution to businesses of all sizes within Hertfordshire, just a mile away from the M1, and surrounding areas.

With over 20 years of extensive experience of every level of the catering industry, sweetness catering leads a team obsessed with getting every detail right. Whether it’s a banquet for a blue chip company or setting a spread for a conference, he never loses sight that he and his team are providing an essential service. A service he provides with care and excellence, ensuring that tired minds are refreshed and productivity can be at its optimum.

Sweetness Catering’s management of an onsite restaurant includes providing an excellent service, and implementing a 5 star food rating hygiene quality consistently. In addition to this, is the exceptional food menu options, including hot meals and ‘grab n go’ menus.

Our fresh and cutting-edge menus make us an ideal partner for any business; providing more than just quality food, additional services include hospitality.

Clients come first…

Client list includes companies from the business and industry, electronics, IT, and medical sector. All clients have a desire to offer their employees, clients and guests the best in-house catering service possible.

Tasked to meet this desire, Sweetness Catering continues to stand out in its unique ability to manage clients’ request, both small and large, whilst maintaining its personal touch.

So, if you are looking for a high quality contract caterer that provides excellent customer service and an exclusive menu, you need to be talking to Sweetness Catering!